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We are a multi-product, multi-faceted company catering to a wide spectrum of healthcare needs and all our products are manufactured in WHO GMP certified units in India having Schedule-'M' & ISO-9001 certificates. The trust and patronage gained by the company since years is our greatest strength. We are the company known for Glory with Quality Governance and have a vision to conceive, develop and deliver effective, qualitative and safe healthcare treatments through stringent quality control, dedicated people and conductive atmosphere. By the constant improvement in customer service, efficient economic production, specified and strict quality, focused allocation of resources; employment of new techniques, alliances and strategic planning, environmental protection and safety with all statutory requirements of WHO GMP, the company is focused on its goal of being one of the leading players in healthcare.


St. Raufsal Pharmaceuticals is the flagship division of Raufsal Group. It all started with a dream. A dream to be a world class pharmaceutical company of Indian origin which can match international standards on all counts. We worked towards our goal with full enthusiasm and commitment. As a result today St. Raufsal Pharmaceuticals has already made its presence felt in the pharmaceutical world.

We are committed to provide quality medicines at affordable prices to the patients, with a view to help bring down the health care costs. We are confident that our efforts would see the company grow from strength to strength in the years to come.

St. Raufsal Pharmaceuticals, alongwith Raufsal Biotech and Wills 'n' Robinson, is part of Raufsal Group, a leading player in the Indian pharmaceutical arena.


Wills ‘n’ Robinson presents the world class products, manufactured with all latest technologies that caters for every segment of pharmaceuticals and prove our commitment towards enriching the life. Serving this purpose, company has engaged highly professional team having vast experience in the above segments making world class products being manufactured in the plants having schedule ‘M’ & WHO certifications. Wills ‘n’ Robinson along with St. Raufsal Pharmaceuticals is part of Raufsal Group, a leading player in the Indian Pharmaceuticals arena.


  1. Raufsal Biotech
  2. St. Raufsal Pharmaceuticals
  3. Wills ‘n’ Robinson Pharmaceuticals
  4. Aatyan Life Sciences
  5. Raktusha Herbs and Natural Sciences
  6. Ansh Cosmetics
  7. WELLNESS ZONE Chemists and Life Style Chain of Retail Pharmacies


Our mission is to expand our horizons and meet the global requirements of medicines combining quality with economy.


To partner our customers success


  • We are dedicated to achieving the highest level of quality economy.
  • We seek opportunity to build relationship and exchange of knowledge to create greater values for our product.
  • We welcome an open environment for expression of view and ideas part of an individual respect.
  • Our way of doing business is authentic and ethical.
  • We are dedicated to service developing and poor nation.
  • We are manufacturing to prescribed standard under controlled environment.

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